• Ankh laranas
  • Me with you.
  • En Aiur!
  • For Aiur!
  • En harudim Raszagal!
  • For the memory of Raszagal!
  • En taro Adun!
  • For Adun's name!
  • En var!
  • For honor!
  • Khar zerashad!
  • Forget peace!
  • Khas arashad
  • Khas be praised.
  • Nas laranakh
  • You with me.
  • Taran arashad
  • Your name be praised.
  • Taran varad
  • Your name be honored.
  • Taro Adun ruulas
  • Adun's name guides (us).
  • Und lara khar
  • Be at peace!
  • Und nas lara khar
  • May you be at peace!
    • Und laranas khar
    May peace be with you!
    • Und taro laranakh varas!
    May you honor his name with me!
  • Var en nas
  • Honor for you.
  • Varun ruulas
  • Our honor guides (us).
  • Zerashk gulidas
  • Oblivion awaits (me).


  1. new phrases by zeratul
    Shuk dash saluk
    Shulz ak'maknul
    Arou nal'adan
    Gou'la sadari

    1. Thanks, I'll keep them in mind for future posts!


    1. Thank YOU so much for your comment! I hope you enjoy!

    2. En taro Adun my name is CJ and James Cowdery has actually allot about khalani. thank you for your amazing blog i will use it to learn more khalani!!! Adun Toridas!

    3. Hope you enjoy and learn as much as you can! Adun Toridas!

  3. Keep up the good work. This is pretty good so far.

  4. En taro Adun, Arassar! I am Zakee Khattak, of the Terrans, and I have found your blog to be of great use in my dealings with thr Protoss. I have noticed that with many of the phrases, there are suffixes and prefixes affixed to mamy of the words. These are not listed in the lexicon, and would be quite useful if you would have a look into these and add them for clarity. It would be a big help if you also took a look into the grammar of khalani and made a separate page for grammar. These are some suggestions that would be quite useful if implemented.
    Thank you for your attention, Grammarian. En taro Adun!

    1. En taro Adun, Zakee Khattak of the Terrans! I am pleased you found my accounts of great use and hope your dealings with us will prosper. You speak truly, the affixes will not be listed in the lexicon, since they are actually part of the morphology, but they will be fully explained in the different entries I will write. I will consider posting a list of them at some point, thanks for the suggestion. Also thank you for the suggestion of making a separate page wholly devoted to the grammar, indeed this is why I've included label "grammar" in those posts that pertain to grammar explanations, you can see this label at the bar to the right of the posts. I will definitely think about it. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the blog and am truly sorry for the delay of this reply.

      Thanks again for your comment and suggestions and may Adun protect you!

  5. What does Adun Toridas mean?

    1. According to the game it was translated to "Adun hide you", in my interpretation of the language I translated it as "May Adun give (you) refuge", being the more literal.

      You can read more about this and other phrases here:

      Hope you enjoy it!

  6. What is entaor tasdar

    1. As you can see above and at the "Greetings" page it is the same greeting formula "En taro X" using the name of Tassadar instead of Adun. Both great heroes of our race.

  7. Greetings Arassar Shelak, I have a question for you as I am confused about something. I understand "En Taro (Name of a Protoss warrior)" is the standard greeting, but when are certain names to be used. I remember from Starcraft1 and a few cutscenes from Starcraft2 that the greeting was "En Taro Tassadar" but I am not sure why it was changed to "En Taro Adun" other then the fact that Tassadar has moved on from this plane of existence. Another part of this question is how does the Dark Templar "Adun Toridas" work? Is it simply one more way of wording the same greeting, or is their something the Nerazim do as part of their culture. Could you please explain that for me? The other question I had is about farewells. What farewells are to be used and at what times? My thanks!
    - Vasili Hrebinka, an avid fan of the protoss culture

    1. Right you are, my friend. But you've got it the other way around. The greeting used to be "En taro Adun" in honour of Adun, who was a great Protoss at the time of the Great War and the separation of the Dark Templar. After the events of the first StarCraft and Tassadar's selfless act of sacrifice we started using his name also to honour him.

      The Dark Templar use the greeting "Adun Toridas" because Adun became a hero to both cultures, since he helped many Dark Templar leave Aiur for Shakuras, thus saving them. So you could say this is the customary and more common greeting for the Nerazim, but Adun is praised by both the Nerazim and the Khalai.

      The farewells are listed here and elsewhere, and according to their meaning you are free to use the one that best suits you, my friend. Hope you find this answer helpful.

      Und nas lara khar!

  8. Hi i go as Soul but i was wondering for an english name or a name at all how would you convert it? We need a alphabet if you are to create one that would be great i would be happy to help as i noticed that many eastern i.e greece eygipt bassically old citys resemble protoss language structure and culture somewhat so we could base it off of one other thing if i where to address my self in a manner would be.....Tar'at Neraz Soul (tribe) which would be Psychés tou kenoú which is greek but has a protoss language sounding which means souls of the void thanks :)